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"This app is the best bead app out there! It helps you all the way. From converting a picture into a pattern with the bead manufacturer and size of your choosing (I use Artkal mini), through letting you adjust picture settings, on to letting you adjust the pattern in detail, and letting you export the pattern with all the details. It even has an amazing tool for helping you actually bead the pattern, it helps with the counting, it can highlights all the bead of a specified color, and so on. I really love this app! On iPhone there’s no competition in my mind."
By BeautifulFear on the App Store

"Whoever the developer is, you know exactly what bead artists need and are constantly evolving the app with new features. This is designed to be used in entry level hobbyists to the advanced pro with its versatility.I will start every project with this app from now on."
By Zomberic on the App Store

"This app is fantastic!! I absolutely cannot find another perler app I love as much as this. Its so easy and simple to use but makes the most awesome patterns!"
By skttlz escobar on the App Store

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